Peace and Hope Lodge 5925

Peace and Hope Lodge 5925, under the constitution of the United Grand Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), is a London lodge and found member of the London Metropolitan Lodges.  Consecrated on the 31st January 1944, the Lodge was founded by a group of  business men from diverse backgrounds which included amongst others a Police Officer, a Solicitor and a Professor of Music. These days the Lodge boasts a healthy membership from a range of professions and industries including the Management Consultancy, Legal, Healthcare, Public and Financial Services Sectors.

The Peace and Hope name was chosen to reflect the optimism that “Peace and Hope” would reign supreme at the end of the Second World War, hence also why the crest incorporates an Angel of Peace

We meet four times a year at Freemasons Hall, the UK grand lodgeheadquarters of UK Freemasonry which is located in the heart of the West End of London.

This dedicated Masonic centre provides our meeting rooms and we dine at nearby restaurants

We are a financially secure healthy lodge of diverse ages, experiences and interests and we offer a warm welcome to those visiting from other recognised constitutions and lodges whether you are seeking a new home in London or a temporary relief during your travels.